Watch Your Step!

Proverb For Life – Proverbs 4:26  “Ponder the path of your feet: then all your ways will be sure.” (ESV)

Every year Daniel and I write out our goals. We have different categories and usually we pick a word that those goals center around.  Last year my word was faithfulness; his was relationship.  This year my word is intentional.

So often I react because I haven’t sat down and given thought to what I want to accomplish.  I find this particularly true in the case of raising our children.   I want to intentionally direct them, not just having crowd control, which can be a full-time job with 4 kiddos!

This year we had our two oldest children Precious A (age 12) and Princess L (6) write out some goals for each of the categories as well.  I wanted them to give some thought to where they are headed and what they hope to carry out.  So often we dream and never plan.  I want them to dream big and know exactly what it will take to achieve those dreams!  I want them to learn now at age 12 and 6 that they really can accomplish the things they set out to do.

I took our girls’ goals and put them in a spreadsheet (download here: GoalsExample for free).  Then I printed them out, made them pretty, laminated them, and hung them where we would see them every day, but not so obvious that guests would think, “Wow, they really have it together.”

If you want to do this with your kids I recommend Scotch Self Laminating sheets (I found mine in the office section at Wal-mart).  They are a lot less expensive than getting the goals laminated at an office supply store.

Crop the goals down to the size you want and then decorate.

Once I cut the goals sheet down, I  used double sided tape to sick it onto a nicer background paper.  Now it is time to laminate.  Follow the instructions found on the sheets.  I took of few pictures of the process; it’s actually very simple.

I hung the goals up with my Best of My Days for 2012 which came from Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann.  Seemed like a good match.

I want my kids to think about where they are putting their feet so they will make sure that their feet are going in the right direction.

I hope that as we move into the second month of this new year, your goals and the goals you have for your children are not hidden in a pile somewhere starting to be forgotten.  Take just a few minutes, pull them out and hang them up.  I promise it will help you remember exactly what you are working to accomplish.

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