Let the Little Children Come: Haiti Trip Day Three – Part Two

It’s been two months now since we have been back.  The holidays came and went. And I never finished writing about our trip to Haiti and my favorite two days were days four and five!!

Our schedule here at the house is very very different…more on that at a later time.  Right now I need to finish my thoughts that have been paused since Thanksgiving.

Day three in Haiti…

I love watching my children when they don’t know I’m watching them.  Some times I see things that make me smile; other times I see things that break my heart just a little.

When we were in Haiti, one of my favorite things was watching Precious A interact with the children.  It was especially fun at the center we went to on the third day. I saw her help little hands fold paper. I watched her dance with the teen girls.  I saw her talking and laughing with them.  I loved seeing her smile and delight in their inclusion of her.

28-Haiti Trip-263 34-Haiti Trip-277

At one point we got separated and when I saw her again her checks were flushed with joy.  I’ll remember the look on her face for the rest of my life.

It made me so proud to see her overcome the language barrier by just being herself.

Precious A impressed me so much all week.  I am so glad she was with me on this trip!!

33-Haiti Trip-272

When we were in the offices at the center seeing the children’s work, they gave us the items made by the children as gifts.  I choose a beautiful purse.


Right before we left the offices to get back on our bus, a girl grabbed my arm, her mouth stretched into a wide smile.  She pointed at the purse and then at herself. Sophie, one of our translators, was standing beside me and told me this is the girl who made my purse.  It took her 8 days to complete it.  I asked her if I could take her picture and she smiled her beautiful smile again in assent.

55-Haiti Trip-333

The picture I took doesn’t show the smiling girl she was just before and just after I took the picture.  Most of the children would be all smiles until they posed for a picture, then they would put on their most serious face only to break out into a smile once the shutter closed.

But every time I see Princess L use her purse I think of this sweet girl in Haiti and say a prayer for her.

The home visit on this day was especially special.  Texas Tony got to go to the home of his newly sponsored child.  Tony got to meet Mom and Dad!! (I got to be the videographer for the meeting.)

45-Haiti Trip-304

Seeing how God united these to families was beautiful to watch. Hearing the joy in Tony’s voice as they discovered their mutual love of bringing movies to their communities made my eyes leak.  (Hey, when my heart is touched, my eyes leak!!)

48-Haiti Trip-315 49-Haiti Trip-316

After the home visit we drove back to the center to regroup and head back to our hotel.  I had to make a quick stop at the bathroom. When I walked out, I heard this sweet voice yelling, “Blan, Blan.” I looked up and saw this little face.  I waved to her as I walked by her classroom. She had climbed up on a chair to reach the window. It’s one of my favorite pictures…

53-Haiti Trip-330

As Precious A and I walked the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunset over the water, I thought about my family back home. I wished they could have seen the things A and I saw. I hoped that I would remember and be able to communicate it all clearly to them.

That night when I talked to Big D on the phone I told him that Precious A wanted to start sponsoring and writing to a child in Haiti. He thought that would be a good idea. So we got some sponsorship packets from our trip co-leader and started looking through them.  We narrowed it down to three…the three that had been waiting for a sponsor the longest. I let Precious A read through the bios of the children and she found a little girl who “loves to sing.” That settled it.  That was the girl for her.

I looked at the card. Her birthday is exactly one month after Little Man’s.  It’s Big D’s Grandma’s birthday.

Small insignificant details.

Definitely the girl for us.

The whole day was a beautiful picture of how God is in the details.  A dance party, a purse, a movie projector, a girl who loves to sing.  He reaches our hearts through these seemingly insignificant details and whispers, “I care.”



If you would like more information about how to sponsor a child through Compassion International please visit Compassion.com.


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