Finding meaningful ways to teach your children wisdom can be challenging.  Using these activities for children to illustrate an abstract concept not only helps them understand but also remember.  I’ve tested these out on my kids, sometimes with great results, sometimes with results, but always with fun.

To help you get started check out this Activity How To Guide:

Listed below are the activities by Topic.  To see the activity simply click on the picture.  They are divided into subcategories based on the following 10 topics:

The LORD/Fear of the LORD



The Heart/Love




Diligence/Work Ethic/Laziness










These are the topics I have chosen to focus on with my children.  There are many more, but I feel these are the foundational pillars on which they need to build their lives.

Once you try the activity, leave a comment under it and let me know how it went.  You can post pictures of how it went on the Proverbs For Life facebook page.

Please send your own activity ideas to  I would love to have more ideas to use with my kids.  Who knows, you might even see your activity on the site with credit given, of course.