When Tomorrow Breaks Your Heart Today


I got her email a few weeks ago.  A quick note from my sister thanking us, her family and friends, for our prayers.   Little C, my sweet 2 year-old-nephew, was going in for his second EEG the following day, she told us. The epilepsy discovered through his first EEG in late August had not improved like his doctor hoped it would.  This time they were going to look for something that might tell them more, a certain brain wave pattern that marks a form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrom or LGS. At the end of her email was a link to learn more about LGS LGS is rare, and after reading the bleak outlook for LGS patients, words like degenerative, mental retardation, life long care, loss of abilities, non-responsive to treatment, my heart broke for the tomorrow that was on its … [Read more...]

She Did What She Swore She Wouldn’t Do!


Our Precious Princess L got baptized April 6th. When she was 6 she got really upset about being mean to her brothers and in her tears asked God to forgive her and give her a new heart, one that loved Him. Almost every night for the last two years since then as I or Big D tuck her in and get ready to leave she says, "Wait, I have a question."  And then she stays up late discussing questions like, "Who created God?  Why does God love me even though I have done A LOT of bad things ?" (followed by tears) "Why do I keep doing bad things even though I love God? What happens if I don't apologize for doing bad things?  Will I eventually stop feeling bad that I did them?  Why don't I do good things just because I love God and not so others will be proud of me?" As her mom, there is … [Read more...]

Hair Cutting Class Details


Okay, so Amber and I are going to Haiti...yeah!!  Now comes the fun part of fundraising... To help with the cost I will host a hair cutting class in early June or late July.  The exact date will be nailed down once all the participants let me know what works for them. This class is not to be mistaken for formal training in cosmetology at a beauty school.  To become a licensed cosmetologist you need 1500 hours training by a licensed instructor.  When I went to school it cost about $6,000.00!  You also have to sit for your state board exam at the end of training and pass that to receive your license. Unless you are a licensed professional you cannot charge for haircuts! This class is meant to be an informal class for moms or dads who already cut their families' hair or who would like to … [Read more...]

We’re Taking Compassion to Haiti – You Can Help


For the last eight years my family has had the privilege of getting to know a precious young girl in Haiti. We met her through Compassion International when she was 7 years old. She turned 15 this month. She studies hard and loves her family fiercely. Her most frequent prayer requests are that I would pray for her to do well in her exams by remembering all she has studied and that God would protect her family.  All I know of her has been obtained by letters she sends to us. Because of the work of Compassion International, we have a friend in a place we have never been before. We decided to sponsor children through Compassion International for two reasons.  The first is the burden Big D and I have to make a difference in the world in which we live.  The second reason is because … [Read more...]

The Wonderful Thing About Beauty


It's hard to believe April is already here.  I  didn't write anything over the entire month of March it went by so fast!! My dad always starts to wonder if I'm feeling okay when I don't write for long periods of time. But this lapse in writing had nothing to do with how I felt; it was because I found this awful (wonderful) app thanks to my neighbor.  It's called Overdrive, and through it I can borrow books from the library...for free...any time...any place...it's been sucking my free time and time that isn't free right up!! I would list all the books I have read over the last month, but Bid D may read it and then look at me with eyes that say, "You've read how many books?!"  I seriously have read way too much. Wonderful, horrible app! Because my focus this year is beauty, seeing … [Read more...]

Why is it so Hard to Play?


Sometime I feel like I was a better mom when I was a kid. I knew how to put every other thing aside and play with my dolls. I spent hours with them, brushing their hair, changing their clothes, throwing tea-parties, dressing up...then something horrible happened. I grew up. I stopped playing. Now it is so hard for me to sit down and just play. I see the laundry piling up and the dirty floors that need mopped. I actually pick activities to play with the kids that will cause the least amount of cleanup instead of the ones that cause the most amount of fun. I hate that on many days I lose the wonder of fun. I have to make myself stop and just play. They are outside playing right now.  So I grabbed my camera and interrupted. Yesterday, I asked Little Man what his … [Read more...]

They’re Way Better Than We Are


Both of the boys are playing basketball this year.  It has been so fun to watch them play. Little Man's team can't dribble the ball well, shoot well, pass well, or catch well...they are 4 and under after all.  But man are they enthusiastic!!   They run down the court with such gusto and determination.  The chase after every ball and try to take it from anyone who has it...even if they are on the same team.    It's a great way to start my Saturday; it's even worth losing my one day a week to sleep in so we can be at his 8 o'clock games on time!! This is his I-dare-you-to-try-and-take-this-ball-from-me look. Big Boy's team is a different story.  They are all beginning to develop some skill.  Some can shoot well, dribble well, pass well, and catch well.   Not all … [Read more...]

He Waves Goodbye Every Morning


Every morning it is the same routine and has been even before  he was even old enough to walk. When he was a baby, we would stand at the door together and wave goodbye to daddy. As soon as he was old enough to walk on his own, he continued to stand at the door and wave even if I didn't make it over to wave. Every day. Every day for 6 years. It doesn't matter how cold it is.  He will run to the car, climb in dad's lap, kiss him goodbye, then stand and wave until the garage door closes. Every.  Day. This little fellow is all about routine and structure.  He struggles with change no matter how small the change is. He's always been this way. As he grows I watch his personality remain the same yet mature. He now will flex in areas he was once totally … [Read more...]

Always Up For An Adventure


We live in the big city, so finding places to explore can be difficult sometimes.  Last weekend, Bid D and the small fries went on a bike ride and came back gushing about a tunnel they found and explored. The following day they took me and their big sister to see what the fuss was all about. Drainage tunnels. Kids don't do this at home...without parents...or any time it is raining!!  And always make sure you are wearing the proper gear!!   I almost didn't go in.  The small fries could crouch and get through pretty easily.  Big D, Precious A, and I had to crawl on our knees.  And I've never really been fond of dark, tight spaces underground... We don't want to advocate doing unnecessarily dangerous things, but we do want to cultivate a … [Read more...]

A Strong Shoulder to Lean On


This Sunday our church participated in Sanctity of Life Sunday to commemorate the 41st anniversary of Roe V. Wade.  As I sat listening to our pastor speak, I leaned over and pressed into the strong shoulder next to me.  I felt the warmth of Big D's hand as it held mine. One of the things that first attracted me to my husband was his mind, the way he reasons logically through an issue.  I loved it when we were dating; I love it now.  Sometimes when I want to make a decision based on my emotions...like buy a house...his logical approach can drive me a little nuts, but in the end he's been right...every time! So when we were dating, it didn't surprise me at all about his passion for every human being's right to life.  He would talk from a scientific perspective and philosophical … [Read more...]