Welcome to Proverbs for Life

Proverbs for Life is the online home of Mandi Parkhurst. It began as a tool to help parents as they raise their children according to the principles found in the book of Proverbs. It has since grown to include personal reflections, encouragement for others, and most recently, examples from her growing photography business. You can still find the activities that started it all. But now there is even more to enjoy.


I Had No Idea

I had no idea. My mom and I played the “I love you more” game when I was a kid. She would say, “I love you.” I would reply, “I love you more.” She would come back with, “I love you most.” And we would fight back and forth about who loved who most. I […]


The First Days are the Hardest

Whine!! Whine!! Whine!! Back and forth.  Back and forth. Back and forth. All. Day. Long. The most difficult thing about homeschooling for me is the sudden change between summer and school.  During the summer the small fries lack their normal routine and schedule. They wake up when they wake up.  They stay up until the sun […]


And so it Begins

Summer came so quickly I almost didn’t notice it’s appearance. And now, it’s gone again and another school year takes its place. All four of the small fries are in school now.  (And the biggest of the small fries isn’t so small anymore.  She’s more like a medium fry who happens to be only half an inch […]

Mandi Parkhurst Photography

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